Hello, my dear judges of beauty! My name is Oleg Gushchin. I am an artist- knife maker. I concern myself with drafting, design and artistic finish of cold steel arms and jewelries. I use an individual approach and new creative decisions in my every piece of work. Furthermore, I know and respect classic styles and traditional arms and jewelry schools.

I was born in Tula. And this very fact means the beginning of my carrier of an arm maker.

Almost every second person is a gun maker there. Also I came to believe in predestination: wherever I go or whatever I ask - there are gun makers or jewelers everywhere. When I was 17, I had sold my first knife, made with the help of my tutor. Since then to this day, cold steel arms are the source of my bread and butter.

I studied in Orel art school. I improved my skills training with the best Russian artist gun makers and jewelers.

I master different techniques of jewelry materials artistic processing: engraving, etching, jewelry works, stone setting, inlay, wood and bone carving. I like working with silver, gold, black wood (ebony), diamonds. Gold is just a beautiful and nice material. Brilliants attach particular value to the work which is of no small importance. And I just like black wood very much. I don’t know why, I simply like it.

It is not the handicraft itself that I like, but the fact that God gave me the opportunity to create and to make what I wanted – I mean to incarnate an artistic concept in a material. My art school tutor said: the two dragons are terrible and God help you if you become one of them. The first one is an artist who has not become a master, the second one is a master who has not become an artist.

Some things are born immediately; the other ones need long months of work. So I have to enter into details. Sometimes, a sketch elaboration takes several months. And only after that working in material begins.

I participated in different international art exhibitions. My works are kept in many private collections and in Armory Chember of the Moscow Kremlin. I present you my works of various years.



нож "Небесный Иерусалим"      автор О.Гущин
Сталь 95Х18 , титан, золото, серебро, медь, моржовый клык, перламутр.
Ковка, художественное травление, гравировка, всечка, резьба по кости.
      С огромной благодарностью Аркадию Ханину за помощь в создании работы.
Подставка вырезана из сухой ветки оливы , растущей в месте , называемом
Хаттинские Рога . Наиболее вероятное место Нагорной проповеди .
4 июля 1187 года здесь произошло сражение между сарацинами во главе с
Саладином и крестоносцами во главе с Иерусалимским королем Ги , в результате
которого крестоносцы были разбиты , король пленен , а также утерян
Животворящий Крест , который крестоносцы взяли в поход как знамя .
 Камень , использованный в подставке , традиционный материал , добываемый и
применяемый в Иерусалиме для отделки всех зданий.
На фото : вид с Хаттинских рогов на Галилею и озеро Кинерет ( Генисаретское
озеро ).

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